Centre for Healthy Communities

Founded in 2017, the Centre for Healthy Communities grew out of the Centre for Health Promotion Studies, one of three key entities that joined to form the School of Public Health in 2006.

Our faculty members are interdisciplinary and typically work in multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral teams to address complex, systems-level public health questions that ultimately impact practice and policy.

Together, we embrace engaged scholarship—we work closely with communities to address real public-health problems and complex societal questions. We will support Canadians in helping their communities achieve their healthiest potential by:

  • facilitating access to necessary data and tools,
  • harnessing scientific and experiential (practice and community-based) knowledge,
  • building / enhancing supportive environments, and
  • working collaboratively to achieve collective impact.

We will bolster the School’s community and external partnerships and serve as a place for government, municipalities, the private sector, civil society and individuals to come together. The aim is to respond with timely research on what is needed to create a healthier community.

It is our vision is to ensure that all Canadians are able to be active participants in creating healthy, thriving communities. Over all, we do this by providing success-driven solutions that improve healthy equity, population health, and community connection.

There are several ways we are working to achieve this vision, for example, by:

  • using innovative interdisciplinary methods and tools that will assess the built, social and policy environments,
  • investigating government or community led policy interventions and their impact on health and social outcomes,
  • supporting healthy public policy development, and
  • by fostering community engagement to deliver timely and accessible development of knowledge and industry collaborations.