Groups and Units

Return on Investment for Kids' Health

ROI4Kids is a five-year collaborative research project that aims to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of school health programs and policies
  • Estimate program/policy costs and avoided healthcare costs 
  • Optimize the implementation of school health programs
  • Engage end-users in the research process to enhance the impact and uptake of findings

Our Team

Paul Veugelers (Project lead)                       
University of Alberta

Arto Ohinmaa (Project co-lead)
University of Alberta 

Mark Asbridge, Dalhousie University                      
Jon McGavock, University of Manitoba         
John C. Spence, University of Alberta            
Noreen Willows, University of Alberta
Katerina Maximova, University of Alberta
Thanh Nguyen, Institute of Health Economics
Kate Storey, University of Alberta
Jennifer Taylor, University of Prince Edward Island

Our Goal

Our research will build on the ongoing work of our team members, including several province-wide school-based surveys used to evaluate childrens’ health and lifestyle:

Through this research and our intervention research experience, we will provide decision-makers, practitioners, and the general public with clear, evidence-based information on the effectiveness and return on investment of child health program and policy options.

Why is this Research Important?

In Canada, substantial public health and economic burden is attributed to chronic diseases that are largely preventable by adopting a healthy lifestyle. While the need for effective child health promotion programs and policies is well recognized, details on implementation and the cost-effectiveness of different policies and programs are still unclear. 

Our Project