Travel Support for Conference Presentations

The School of Public Health has organized this travel support for students to build knowledge in their discipline.

The following forms of presentations are supported: paper presentation, poster presentation or invited roundtable discussion or any other scholarly activity.

Funding received will be directed towards professional conference travel, accommodation, allowable per diem rates (for travel outside of Edmonton), and conference registrations fees.

NOTE: The travel fund cannot be used to support routine data collection; off campus trips to field sites; off-campus research stations, archives, museums, student workshops; and attend a conference. 


Master's (MSc or MPH) students - Up to $1000 can only be awarded once in the program.

Doctoral students - Up to $1000 can be awarded twice in the program.


  • Must be a graduate student in the School of Public Health.
  • Applicant must satisfy all (if any) admission requirements stated in the official admission letter as stated by the Faculty of Graduate Students and Research.
  • Applicant must have a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher.
  • Students who are full-time employees, whether employed at the University of Alberta or elsewhere, are not eligible.

Only applications for an upcoming event will be accepted. Events that have already been attended, prior to submission of this application, do not meet funding criteria.

Only completed applications (with required signatures and documentation), supported with a confirmation that the paper / poster has been accepted by the conference organizers, will be reviewed.

Approved applications will be processed for payment by the earliest available monthly payroll deadline as determined by the Staff and Student Payments Office.

Application submission dates

Applications are to be submitted on or before 4 p.m. on:
  • Fall Term: September 30
  • Winter Term: January 31
  • Spring/Summer Term: June 30
If the applicable date falls on a weekend / holiday, applications are to be submitted no later than 4 p.m. on the next regular business day following the weekend / holiday.

Travel Support for Conferences

Submit your application to:

All documents must be submitted to Graduate Program Advisor, Office of Educational Programs, by email to

Attention: Travel Support for Conferences