The Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) is an internationally recognized clinical and research institute focused on medical reconstructive sciences. Established in 1993, iRSM is a joint initiative of the University of Alberta, Caritas Health Group and Capital Health, based at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

iRSM has its origins in head and neck reconstruction and rehabilitation. Its decade-long international reputation for innovation and advances in patient care and research has been earned by combining expertise in disciplines such as surgery, medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation medicine, engineering and computing science to create a fully integrated environment for clinical care, research, education and training in reconstructive medicine and technology. As an international referral center, it is a leader in the complex area of osseointegration (bone) implanted devices for prosthetic replacement of skull and facial defects resulting from cancer, trauma and congenital conditions.

The institute is one of a very limited number of centers worldwide that is an acknowledged international leader in the provision of both autogenous and alloplastic reconstructive care. iRSM’s reputation as a pioneer in the application of advanced technologies to support clinical and research activities is supported through a number of major collaborative relationships with leading institutions throughout the world.