Facial Prosthetics


The Facial Reconstruction Program aids patients in reconstruction and rehabilitation of missing facial anatomy. Synthetic facial prostheses are created for patients to replace missing or altered anatomy of the head and neck after surgical procedures. The Facial Reconstruction Program involves collaboration between plastic surgeons, maxillofacial prosthodontists, anaplastologists, and other iRSM team members.

iRSM anaplastologists create custom-made prostheses to replace anatomy of the face (including the ear, nose, eye, and other mid-face structures). Your prosthesis is created using silicone and is attached using implants placed in the bone (osseointegrated implants). A prosthesis can also be retained with adhesives or eyeglasses.

iRSM anaplastologists have training in biomedical visualization and apply these skills to construct custom prostheses to rehabilitate and replace missing facial anatomy. Advanced digital technology is used to design and construct your facial prosthesis. Each prosthesis is custom designed, fabricated, and coloured to match your anatomy and skin tone. During the creation process patients and family will verify the design of the prosthesis and provide important feedback, as such family members are encouraged to accompany the patient during treatment.

To come in for a consult, you may phone iRSM at 780-735-2660, or you may be referred by a physician.

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