What does treatment cost?

iRSM is a provincially-funded program, and care is covered by Alberta Health Services. iRSM is a referral centre for western Canada. For information regarding referral to iRSM, please click here.

Does iRSM provide dental care?

iRSM does not provide routine dental care. The maintenance of your teeth and general oral hygiene is important, so please continue to see your general dentist and hygienist for regular maintenance. If there is a need, our maxillofacial prosthodontists can consult with your general dentist on a case-by-case basis.

How many appointments will I have?

Each individual patient who is seen at iRSM receives an individual treatment plan, therefore the number of appointments will vary. Your treatment will be explained to you by your clinician. A patient education appointment will be made with a clinical assistant, where they will walk you through your treatment pathway. If you have any questions about your upcoming visit, please contact our patient scheduling office.

How long is each appointment?

Each appointment is allotted the time needed to complete the treatment required. For information on how long your appointment will be, please talk to a clinical assistant or the scheduling office.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment from start to finish is dependent on your treatment pathway. Your clinicians will explain the process to you at the start of treatment. Please know everyone at iRSM does everything to ensure you are seen in a timely manner. We place a large emphasis on quality to ensure every patient receives the best rehabilitation.

How long will I be off work after implant surgery?

Patients are often away from work for anywhere from one week to one month.

How long does it take to get my bone anchored hearing aid after surgery?

In order to ensure your BCA implant is fully healed and integrated into the bone, we schedule the delivery of your device for three months post-surgery. Please note this can change based on your surgeon's recommendations.

Where is IRSM?

We are located in room 1W-02 in the Misericordia Community Hospital (across from West Edmonton Mall) in Edmonton, Alberta. For access to a map, click here.

How much is parking?

We have hourly parking at the hospital which can be paid with credit card, coins or using your phone.