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Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarship

Value: $2,500

Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarships are valued at $2,500 each, are designed to recognize and reward students for their academic achievements, and encourage them to continue in their undergraduate program of study. These scholarships are funded by the government of Alberta through Alberta Advanced Education Learning, and are administered by the University of Alberta in conjunction with Student Aid Alberta.

This scholarship recognizes University of Alberta students who are Alberta residents (as defined by Student Aid Alberta), in approximately the top 1.5 to 2% of their class.

Application Open & Closing Deadline: Nominations made by the Office of the Registrar in July

Approximately 450 scholarships available


Candidates must:

  • have superior academic achievement on a full normal course load taken during the preceding Fall/Winter Term (September to April)
  • be continuing at the U of A in a full-time program in the second or subsequent year
  • be an Alberta Resident as defined by Student Aid Alberta. An Alberta Resident, according to the Alberta Scholarship Act, is
    • a person who has maintained permanent residence in Alberta for a period of 12 months immediately prior to attending a post-secondary institution, or
    • a person whose parents or guardians have maintained permanent residence in Canada for 12 consecutive months and reside in Alberta, or
    • a person who marries an Alberta resident

How to apply

Continuing undergraduate students

  • Students continuing in an undergraduate degree program will be nominated by the Office of the Registrar in July/August.

Students entering another undergraduate or professional program

  • Students who have completed a degree program and are proceeding into another undergraduate program or a professional program must apply directly to the Office of the Registrar by July 3.


Final approval will come directly from Student Aid Alberta, which distributes the scholarships in November.

To find out more about accepting and declining your award, financial information, and thanking your donor, please visit Information for Award Recipients.