Summary of Statistics 2004-2005

University of Alberta Summary of Statistics - Academic Year 2004/2005 December 1, 2004

This version of the Summary of Statistics consists of small individual PDF files for every graph and table in the book. Users can jump to any particular graph or table in the book by clicking on the appropriate entry in the following links:



    Part 1: Summary of Enrolment

    Part 2 (a): Ten Year Distribution of Students by Faculty
    Part 2 (b): Fifteen Year Distribution of Fall Term Students
    Part 3: Degree Sought
    Part 4: Major Field of Study - Undergraduate Students
    Part 5: Department of Specialization - Graduate Students
    Part 6: Age
    Part 7: Home Address
    Part 8: Citizenship
    Part 9: Last School Attended
    Part 10: Last Attendance Date
    Part 11: Off-Campus Credit Centre
    Part 12: Auditor Only Students
    Part 13: Degrees and Diplomas Granted
    Part 14: Admissions
    Part 15: Counts of Aboriginal Students
    Part 16: Undergraduate Student Awards