The complete 2009-2010 University of Alberta Calendar can be downloaded in PDF format.

Important Notice

By the act of registering for a course or a course of study, each student at the University of Alberta agrees to observe and be bound by the terms of this notice, and the terms, conditions, academic standards, rules, regulations, policies, and codes of behavior contained or referenced in the Calendar. Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to make himself or herself aware of the contents of the Calendar.

The Calendar sets forth the intention of the University at the time the Calendar was prepared. While the University of Alberta makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the content of the Calendar is accurate, the University of Alberta reserves the right, subject to the authority of General Faculties Council, to make whatever changes it considers necessary to the information referenced in the Calendar or referenced in other documents relating to admission and registration including, but is not limited to, the elimination of or changes to courses, programs, organizational structure, tuition and fees, entrance standards, academic standards, degree requirements, University policies, regulations, and rules. All of the changes referred to above may be made by the University without notice to students or prospective students, although the University of Alberta shall make reasonable efforts to provide notice of such changes to students as soon as practicable. The University is not liable to anyone who may suffer any loss or damages of any type arising from such changes including any loss or damages arising from the interruption of academic activities.


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