Costs, Tuition, and Fees

Fees for Special Services 2019 – 2020

Service Fee
Application for Undergraduate Admission $125.00
Application for Undergraduate Readmission or Transfer $75.00
Application for Graduate Admission $100.00 
Application for Postgraduate Dental Residency Program  $75.00 
Augustana Student Insurance Policy Fee $8.00 / year
Cooperative Education Program in Arts  
   - Application Fee $50.00
   - Career Education Fee $150.00
Cooperative Education Program in Business  
   - Application Fee $50.00
   - Program Administration Fee $150.00
Credit by Special Assessment $266.04 / course
Examination conducted at an established centre other than Edmonton:  
   - In Canada $131.00 / paper
   - Outside Canada $156.00 / paper
Final examination reappraisal $99.82 / paper
Graduate readmission $1,373.06
Health Care Coverage for International Students (UAHIP)
$50.00 / month
Indexing and Microfilming of theses by National Library of Canada $44.10
Language Other than English Proficiency Exam $50.00 / exam
Reexamination $149.74 / paper
Replacement OneCard $20.00
Replacement U-Pass $153.00
Replacement Parchment (including off-cycle reprints) $100.00
Respirator Fit-Testing Fee $30.00 - $50.00 / test
Applies to students who are commencing a placement in a facility under Capital Health administration in one of the designated patient care areas and/or are in one of the identified disciplines.
Security Clearance Check
$30.00 - $50.00 / check (variable)
Students across various Faculties at the University of Alberta (the health science faculties, Arts, Business, and Education) may require a security clearance check as part of their placement or practicum experience with external agencies.