Book a Classroom or Lab

Examinations and Timetabling (ETT) in the Office of the Registrar is responsible for scheduling and booking centrally scheduled classrooms and computer labs, which includes room assignments for classes and exams, as well as casual/adhoc event bookings. Non-centrally scheduled classrooms are managed by the authorized faculty, department, or unit.

Internal bookings

Internal Bookings are events organized by faculties, departments, university units, and registered student groups.

  • Faculty, department, and university unit bookings must be made by designated administrative contacts.
  • Instructors, teaching assistants, and students booking through their faculty or department must place their request through the designated contacts.
  • Student groups must be approved by Student Group Services to be eligible to make bookings. Only requests from executive officers of the group will be considered. Group information must be showing in BearsDen; this includes officer information on the group’s roster page.

How to request a room booking

If your booking request corresponds to the criteria for an internal booking, and you have referred to the Classroom Booking Procedures, then send an email to:


Requests must be sent from a UAlberta email address. Please include the following:

  • Your name and the faculty, department, unit or student group you are with
  • Your contact information, including phone number
  • Purpose of the booking (i.e. meeting, presentation, guest speaker, make up class, etc.)
  • Event date(s) and start/end times
  • Building and/or room preferences
  • Specific room characteristics required (i.e. furniture, style of room, layout, etc.)
  • Room capacity required and approximate number of people attending
  • Are attendees UAlberta members, public, or both?
  • Is there a charge to attend your event(s)?
  • Will food and/or drinks be present in the room during the event? Will alcohol be present?
  • Additional information or questions pertaining to your planned event(s)

Additional notes:

  • The processing time of booking requests may vary throughout the year.
  • Due to the high volume of requests in August/September and December/January requests may take longer to process.
  • Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation to your UAlberta email address.This confirmation serves as your proof of use for a room on the dates/times indicated on your confirmation. It is advised that you bring a copy of the booking confirmation with you when using a room.
  • Please refrain from advertising your event until you have received the booking confirmation.
  • ETT reserves the right to relocate or cancel casual event bookings.

Table Spaces

To book a table in Business Tory Galleria (BTG) or Central Academic Building (CAB) student groups will be required to email rocentralbooking@ualberta.ca. Please follow the internal booking guidelines listed above when making a request for table space.

External bookings

Bookings for off-campus groups, university groups booking for a third party, or a university group booking a conference involving off-campus associations must be made through Conference Services.