Definitions - Application Status & Admission Decisions

The following are definitions of the admission decisions and application statuses that applicants may see displayed in Bear Tracks. For additional assistance with Bear Tracks, please visit our Bear Tracks Resources, which includes user guides and video tutorials.

Application Status

  • Pending Review

    Indicates that the application has been received by the University of Alberta. The application needs to be reviewed before determining what documents, if any, are required to complete the application. Applicants should check back for updates to the To-Do List.Internal transfer applicants should be aware that although further documentation may not be required, the application status will remain as Pending Review until an admission decision has been made.

  • Requires Action

    Indicates that there are items missing from the application. Applicants should check back for updates to their To-Do List for Outstanding Items (note that "Complete Items" will also be displayed).

  • Complete

    Indicates that all the items required to complete the application have been received. Applicants can verify that items have been received by selecting the show To-Do List items link and looking for Completed Items in Bear Tracks.

    Note: Even though an application status is displayed as Complete, an admission decision may still be Pending and the file may still require Faculty review. Applicants should monitor Bear Tracks for updates.

Undergraduate Admission Decisions

Admission decisions are displayed in Bear Tracks for those programs to which an applicant has been or is being considered for admission. It is possible that an applicant will not be considered for every program, or an applicant may receive multiple admission decisions. For example, if an applicant is offered admission to his or her first choice, he or she might not be considered for alternate choices, In some cases, an applicant may receive multiple offers of admission.

  • Pending

    Indicates that all To-Do List items have been received but an admission decision has not yet been made.

  • Admitted

    Indicates admission to the program specified. Some offers of admission may come with conditions.

  • Provisional Admission
    Indicates admission to the program specified with a faculty-specific provision. There is a requirement to submit all outstanding To-Do List items for this program and meet other provisions stated by your faculty.
  • Cleared Provisional Admission

    Indicates that all the faculty-specific provisions of the admission have been met. Final Admission to the program specified is now confirmed.

  • Ineligible
    Indicates that admission to the program specified has been denied. The minimum requirements for consideration of admission have not been met.
  • Quota Filled

    Indicates that admission to the program specified has been denied. Although the minimum admission requirements for the program may have been met, the application was not competitive.

  • Cancelled

    Indicates the application has been cancelled.