Registration and Courses

About Class Schedules

The Class Schedule is a list of all classes being offered in an instructional period. It includes information about

  • day, time, and place
  • different instructional components to the course (e.g., lecture, lab, seminar)
  • notes containing information students need to know about the class (e.g., whether the course is available for web registration)
  • instructor of the class
  • location of the class (see Campus Maps for a list of building names and locations)

Go to Bear Tracks and use Search for Classes option for up-to-date information. The Bear Tracks User Guide provides detail on how to search for classes.

Important Notice: The University reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstance may require including, but not restricted to, the addition, deletion, and changing of courses and course sections, the substitution of instructors teaching a particular course or course section, and the changing of the location (building/room) of various course sections.

Prior to attending the first class, check Bear Tracks to view your classroom locations.

Sample search for classes – search results

Subject Notes - (if applicable) are available at the top of the Search for Classes Results page and contain information relating to the overall subject (i.e., MARK).

Class Notes - are used to provide information related to the class. Classes not available for web registration will have a Class Note to indicate this. Contact the teaching department for registration assistance.

Reserved Seats - (if applicable) will be available below the class notes. Click on the 'seat availability' link for detailed information on the reserved seats for that class section.

Class Number - this is the 5 digit code used for registration. The Class Details for that class will be presented when the 5 digit code for a class is selected.

Course - the number that identifies the course number offering to which the class belongs, for example, MARK 301.

Section - identifies the section of the class, for example, LEC B1 of MARK 301.

Location - indicates where the class will be held.

Days - identifies the days of the week the class is being offered.

Times - indicates the time the class is offered.

  • There may be more than one meeting time for a class.
  • If time is listed as TBA, contact the teaching department for information regarding days, times and location.

Instructor - the primary instructor assigned to teach this class.

Open Seats - the number of seats currently available in the class.

Status - the icon displayed provides details on the class status. The displayed values are:

  • Open - indicates there is space available in the class.
  • Full - indicates that there are no seats available for registration.
  • Cancelled - indicates the class has been cancelled by the department.
  • Closed - indicates that the class is not available to web registration. Contact the department for assistance in registering in a closed class.

Sample search for classes – class detail

Class Details - this page provides scheduling details for the class.

  • Units - normally, the units of course weight for the class.
  • Career - indicates whether the course is an Undergraduate or a Graduate level course.
  • Location - indicates where the class will be held.
  • Campus - indicates whether the course is Main Campus (includes classes taught on main campus, Augustana and Campus Saint-Jean) or Off-Campus. 
  • Class Components - this identifies the type of section being offered, for example

    • LEC = lecture
    • SEM = seminar
    • LAB = lab
    • LCL = lecture/lab where lecture predominates
    • LBL = lab/lecture where lab predominates
    • CLN = clinic

Dates - the start and end dates for the section

Description - displays the course description for the course as outlined by the Calendar

Note: When a class has a Part A and Part B you must register in both parts. Refer to the Bear Tracks User Guide for detailed information on how to add A/B part classes to your registration.