Registration and Courses

Postgraduate Medical/Dental Education Students

As a post-graduate medical or dental student, registration for your program is administered by the Office of the Registrar. Below you will find information on registration, fee payment, and student services.

Registration and Bear Tracks

We will automatically register you in the appropriate course and term once we receive the information from your faculty. You are not required to self-register. 

You can log in to Bear Tracks, our online student service system, to view your registration details, and to pay your fees (see below).

In Bear Tracks, your course name will display as PGME (if Medicine) or PGDE (if Dental). You will be registered in a single, year-long term that runs from July 1 to June 30; however, the actual length of your course will depend on the number of months of your contract.


You are responsible for ensuring your fees have been paid by the fee payment deadline. Your fees are assessed and due as shown on the “View Fee Assessment” page in Bear Tracks. Fees that are paid late may result in interest penalties and may delay future registrations. For fee payment options, see Financial Services.


The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry will provide you with further information regarding your ONEcard, which is your official University of Alberta ID. This card will provide you with access to services such as libraries and recreation.

Student Services

As a post-graduate trainee, you are not eligible for all of the same services that undergraduate or graduate students receive – but you can opt in for some services. Fees for these services will vary.

The services available for opt-in are:

Optional Service

Fall 2017

Winter 2018

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Opt-in Form (a CCID is required to access the form)

Student Health and Wellness





Complete the Service Opt-In Form

Athletics/Recreation and PAW Centre





Complete the Service Opt-In Form

Graduate Students Association (GSA) Membership Fee
(including U-Pass)*





Complete the Service Opt-In Form

Effective September 1, 2010, the U-Pass service is included automatically in the GSA opt-in request.

*Only continuing Postgraduate Trainees who have previously opted into the GSA are eligible for the Spring/Summer U-Pass.