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Spiritual Assessment in the Promotion of Health

Faculty of Nursing - Graduate Office


July 4 – 13, 2018


St. Stephen's College, University of Alberta North Campus

Course description

Spiritual Assessment in the Promotion of Health
INT D 577 SEM B1


  • Graduate-level learner
  • Preparing for, or already a practitioner or educator in, a people-focused profession that includes spiritual care as part of the scope of practice
  • Ability to demonstrate a commitment to and capacity for reflective practice in one’s chosen profession

Spiritual assessment, as an element of whole person assessment, is of interest to a broad spectrum of health professionals as well as spiritually informed practitioners. At the same time, in-depth consideration of theories and skills needed for the practice of spiritual screening, spiritual history-taking and spiritual assessment is often lacking.

This course is designed to include four major learning activities:

  • Explore conceptual and theoretical underpinnings to the practice of spiritual assessment in the promotion of health.
  • Consider a variety of spiritual assessment frameworks and tools.
  • Dialogue with representatives from various health professions who consider spiritual assessment to be of essence of whole person health promotion (e.g. nursing, psychology, chaplaincy, social work, pastoral counselling, and more).
  • Integrate spiritual assessment within one's own health and/or spiritual care/ministry practice in ways that foster interdisciplinary collaboration for optimal care of patients/residents/clients, their families, and healthcare staff.

Dr. Joanne Olson
Dr. Suzette Brémault-Phillips