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Spiritual Assessment in the Promotion of Health

Faculty of Nursing


July 3 – 12, 2019


St. Stephen's College, University of Alberta North Campus

Class Details

INTD 577 Sem B1

MWF 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Course description

Spiritual assessment, as an element of whole person assessment, is of interest to a broad spectrum of health professionals as well as spiritually-informed practitioners. At the same time, in-depth consideration of theories and skills needed for the practice of spiritual screening, spiritual history taking, and spiritual assessment is often lacking. This course is designed to include four major learning activities:

  • Explore conceptual and theoretical underpinnings to the practice of spiritual assessment in the promotion of health.
  • Consider a variety of spiritual assessment frameworks and tools.
  • Dialogue with representatives from various health promotion (e.g. nursing, psychology, chaplaincy, social work, pastoral counselling, and more).
  • Integrate spiritual assessment within one’s own health and/or spiritual care/ministry practice in ways that foster interdisciplinary collaboration for optimal care of patients/residents/clients, their families and healthcare staff.

Students taking the course should be:

  • Graduate level learner.
  • Preparing for, or already a practitioner or educator in, a people-focused profession that includes spiritual care as part of the scope of practice.
  • Able to demonstrate a commitment to and capacity for reflective practice in one’s chosen profession.