Orff Level I

Department of Elementary Education


July 23 – August 3, 2018


University of Alberta North Campus

Course description

Orff Level I
EDEL 597 SEM B02

Offered as part of the Summer Music Academy

The University of Alberta Department of Elementary Education continues its long tradition of Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education with a distinguished faculty. This 10-day course is for music teachers who wish to make music education a joyful, creative experience for both their students and themselves through the Orff process. The program follows the curriculum approved by Carl Orff Canada (COC). Each day includes classes in Ensemble, Pedagogy, Recorder, Movement, and Choral Musicianship.

The Orff approach to music education is holistic, experiential, and process oriented. Students learn by active participation as they experience music through moving, speaking, singing, performing body percussion, and playing non-pitched and pitched instruments. Level I explores basic Orff techniques including the use of the pentatonic scale, ostinato, bordun (drone) accompaniments, and the elemental style developed by composer Carl Orff and his colleague, Gunild Keetman.

Prerequisite: The ability to read, write, and analyze music

Note: Open to Elementary Education Graduate and Diploma, and Open Studies students. Qualified undergraduates may be eligible to take these courses upon approval of the instructors.

Sue Harvie - Ensemble & Pedagogy
Dr. Robert de Frece - Choral Musicianship
Wendy Rae - Recorder
Kim Friesen Wiens - Movement