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Government Student Loan Funding

  • I am a recipient of government student loans or financial assistance. How might my aid or loans be impacted during this time?

    Each jurisdiction has announced a variety of provisions for student aid recipients and loan borrowers. Please see our Student Loans website for contact information and/or updates from your jurisdiction.

    The University of Alberta Office of the Registrar is still handling all government aid records and paperwork, including part-time loans, program information, confirmations of enrollment, and continuation of interest-free status. Please contact Student Connect with questions about any of your student loan paperwork.

  • Will the change to remote teaching affect my student loan?

    No, the changes in class delivery at the University of Alberta will not affect your student loan eligibility.

  • Do I need to report the CERB or CESB as a resource on my student loan application?
    Student loan borrowers from Alberta will not be required to report CERB or CESB on the student loan application as a resource. Student loan borrowers from other provinces should check with their province about how to report these on the student loan application.
  • I do not want to take on more student loan debt. Can I access the Government non-repayable grants only?

    If you would like to apply for grant funding only, you can indicate this on the Alberta Student Loan application. If you are a loan borrower from another province, please contact your home province. Please note that grant funding is not usually enough to cover your tuition and living costs. If you need to appeal your application to include student loan funding, you can submit a Request for Review that will take up to six weeks to process. More information about Canada Student Grants can be found online.

    To apply for grant funding only, after you submit your Alberta Student Loan application, there will be a screen that says “Amount of Assistance Requested”. Enter “$1” in the section that asks “Total Amount of Assistance Request”. This will ensure you are assessed for grant funding, but not loan funding. You can find an example of this starting at 24:50 in our Student Loans 101 video.

    Grant funding is based on your income, or if you are a dependent student (under 23 years of age) it is based on your family’s income. If you are a dependent student you will need to ensure that your parent(s) have included their Line 150 in the Parental Section of the loan application. If you have any questions, please contact Student Connect.

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