Financial Frequently Asked Questions

General Financial Concerns

I am worried about how I am going to pay for the Fall 2020 semester. What important information about financial support options should I consider?

Finances should not be a barrier to attend and there are a number of benefits to staying enrolled as a full-time student (nine credits per term):

  • To receive the full value of an award offer, you need to be a full-time student.
  • Applying for student loans as a full-time student qualifies you for a variety of living expenses that a part-time student would not be eligible for. In addition, the application process for Alberta Student Aid is much easier than as a part-time student. 
  • The grant funding provided through the Federal Government student loan programs as part of the COVID-19 response to support students are only available to full-time students. 
    Alberta government scholarships, such as the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and the Jason Lang Scholarship, require full-time enrollment.
  • As a full-time student you could be eligible for the maximum value of funding from the Supplementary Bursary program (current maximum is $8,000), whereas part-time students are only eligible for up to $4,000 depending on course load.
Please email if you have questions about your financial support offer and your registration requirements.
I have financial concerns due to exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19. Is emergency financial support available?
You are not alone. If you have immediate financial concerns related to living expenses as a result of COVID-19 impacts and are registered in courses in the spring and/or summer terms, you can apply for the University of Alberta’s Supplementary Emergency Bursary program.
If my financial shortfall is not an emergency are there other supports I can access?
Yes, you may be eligible for a Supplementary Bursary from the University of Alberta. The Supplementary Bursary application will be used to assess your financial need for the academic year as impacted by COVID-19. To be eligible for bursary funding as a result of COVID-19 impacts, you must demonstrate that you are not eligible for the Government of Canada Emergency Response Benefit and the Government of Canada Emergency Student Benefit program and you must be registered in courses in the spring and/or summer terms.
I have already received Supplementary Bursary funding in the 2019-2020 academic year. Am I eligible for more funding from this program?
If your circumstances have changed since your original application was assessed, you did not already receive annual maximum bursary funding, and you are registered in courses in the spring and/or summer terms, you can request a reassessment of your bursary application for additional bursary funds. To request a reassessment, email using the subject "Request for Bursary Reassessment." Include a letter outlining the change in your circumstances, along with relevant supporting documentation.
What can I do if I'm encountering unexpected costs to access the University of Alberta courses via remote learning that I can't afford?

If you are encountering undue financial burden caused by the unexpected need to access remote learning (whether this is internet or equipment related costs), there may be financial aid available.

Students facing issues with remote access can review the University of Alberta's COVID-19 Computing Recommendations webpage, as well as check their eligibility for the Laptop Lending Program.

Students enrolled in spring and/or summer term classes may also be eligible for Supplementary Bursary funding to assist with these costs.

How will awards and scholarships be impacted by Credit / No Credit grading for Winter 2020?

Adjusted assessment practices will be dependent upon the competition. Assessments will comply with both university policy governing student financial supports and the individual terms of reference for each scholarship or award.

Undergraduate Academic Scholarships & Leadership Awards: Course load requirements will be based on the Fall and Winter terms. GPA requirements will be based on the Fall term only.

Faculty and Department Awards: Course load requirements will be based on the Fall and Winter terms. GPA requirements will align with the particular faculty's academic standing decisions.

Government of Alberta Scholarships: We are currently consulting with Alberta Student Aid and will provide an update as soon as decisions have been made.

I was in a practicum, clinical placement, work experience, or full-year program in Fall 2019 so I have no grades for the 2019-2020 academic year. Am I still eligible for scholarships?
All students are encouraged to apply for scholarship competitions for which they deem themselves eligible. We will be working directly with faculties and departments to determine student eligibility for scholarships when no GPA is present.
I'm a newly admitted undergraduate student for Fall 2020. Are you still making Entrance Scholarship decisions?

Offers for our application-based scholarships have been made to eligible students. We may make additional offers if funding becomes available and will contact students directly who have been selected.

We continue to offer admission-based scholarships to newly admitted students whose admission average at the time of admission is within the top 5% of their faculty.

I have an overdue emergency loan from 2019/2020 so I am unable to register in courses for next year. What can I do?
If you have an outstanding emergency loan with Student Financial Support, please email
I have an overdue tuition balance for unpaid Winter 2020 tuition. What can I do?

Students are always encouraged to review their financial information. Please view Student Financials on Bear Tracks for tuition account details. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to job loss and COVID19 affecting your ability to pay your outstanding tuition, please email to discuss your account.

Government Student Loan Funding

I am a recipient of government student loans or financial assistance. How might my aid or loans be impacted during this time?

Each jurisdiction has announced a variety of provisions for student aid recipients and loan borrowers. Please see our Student Loans website for contact information and/or updates from your jurisdiction.

The University of Alberta Office of the Registrar is still handling all government aid records and paperwork, including part-time loans, program information, confirmations of enrollment, and continuation of interest-free status. Please contact Student Connect with questions about any of your student loan paperwork.

Will the change to remote teaching affect my student loan?
No, the changes in class delivery at the University of Alberta will not affect your student loan eligibility.
Do I need to report the CERB or CESB as a resource on my student loan application?
Student loan borrowers from Alberta will not be required to report CERB or CESB on the student loan application as a resource. Student loan borrowers from other provinces should check with their province about how to report these on the student loan application.
I do not want to take on more student loan debt. Can I access the Government non-repayable grants only?

If you would like to apply for grant funding only, you can indicate this on the Alberta Student Loan application. If you are a loan borrower from another province, please contact your home province. Please note that grant funding is not usually enough to cover your tuition and living costs. If you need to appeal your application to include student loan funding, you can submit a Request for Review that will take up to six weeks to process. More information about Canada Student Grants can be found online.

To apply for grant funding only, after you submit your Alberta Student Loan application, there will be a screen that says "Amount of Assistance Requested". Enter "$1" in the section that asks "Total Amount of Assistance Request". This will ensure you are assessed for grant funding, but not loan funding. You can find an example of this starting at 24:50 in our Student Loans 101 video.

Grant funding is based on your income, or if you are a dependent student (under 23 years of age) it is based on your family's income. If you are a dependent student you will need to ensure that your parent(s) have included their Line 150 in the Parental Section of the loan application. If you have any questions, please contact Student Connect.

How do I answer the question on the Alberta Student Loan that asks: "Are you enrolled in a correspondence/e-learning/distance study program?"

If you are applying for a student loan through Alberta Student Aid you will answer this question "No" even if some or all of your classes will be delivered online this fall. 

Student loan borrowers from other provinces should check with their province about how to report this on the student loan application.

International Student Supports

I am an international student. Can I still work part-time on or off campus despite the suspension of studies?
If you were eligible to work on or off campus before circumstances surrounding COVID-19, you can continue to work even if you are studying part-time or have had to temporarily discontinue studies. International students are still subject to the authorized number of work hours permitted as a full-time student. Therefore, you can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during an academic session and full-time during a regularly scheduled academic break.
I am an international student. What financial support is available for me?

The University of Alberta's International Student Services team has information online to assist international students with immigration concerns and eligibility for Canadian government programs.

International students requiring funding for Fall 2020 and/or Winter 2021 terms can review their eligibility for the International Undergraduate Student Bursary. Applications open July 1, 2020.

International students who are not registered in Spring and/or Summer 2020 courses can also visit the International Student Services Bursaries and Loans webpage for information on available financial support.

International students who are registered in Spring and/or Summer 2020 courses can review their eligibility for University of Alberta funding on our Bursaries and Emergency Funding webpage.