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Achieve A+ Finances

November 17, 2020

No matter where you’re starting with your financial knowledge, there’s always more to know! Understanding your money is the first step to financial success. Check out the various resources below to boost your financial literacy:

  • To start, take the Government of Canada’s Financial Literacy Quiz to see how your knowledge and financial literacy skills stack up! 
  • Found yourself in financial trouble due to the pandemic? Check out these tips on getting through a financial emergency
  • Are you sometimes short on cash at the end of the month, or feel unable to save for the things you really want? Learn how to balance your income with your expenses by building a budget.
  • Many people have to borrow money to pursue schooling, and that’s okay! This type of borrowing is called credit and it must be used wisely. Learning about credit and debt management will help ensure you borrow responsibly. 
  • Visit the Canadian Financial Literacy Database for resources, events, tools, and information on various financial topics including budgeting, money management, insurance, saving, investing, and taxes.
  • Browse our Money Talks Webpage for more information on our various financial programs and strategies to achieve financial success.

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