Courseload Requirements

Some awards require that you complete a specific courseload to be considered eligible. Courseload requirements can vary depending on the award or award competition so make sure you check the requirements before applying!

This information is a general guideline for courseload requirements for the University of Alberta undergraduate awards and should assist you in determining your eligibility. If you still have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact Student Connect.

  • A minimum of 24 credits taken from September to April is required to be considered for awards unless otherwise specified in the terms of the award or terms of the award competition.
  • If the terms of the award or the award competition require full-time studies a student must have completed a minimum of 9 credits in each of the Fall and Winter terms.
  • Award recipients are normally required to maintain full-time studies registration in the upcoming year to receive the full value of the award.
  • If you will be enrolled part-time in the upcoming year of study or are convocating please email us at for clarification.
  • Students who are registered with Accessibility Resources for an approved reduced courseload will be considered based on their specific accommodations. Please note that normally Alberta Student Aid funded scholarships do not consider approved accommodations (ex. The Jason Lang and Louise McKinney Scholarship).