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Tips for Undergraduate Leadership Award applications

Your Leadership Summary is an opportunity for you to describe in your own words your leadership attributes and accomplishments.  

Tips for writing the Leadership Summary:

  • Provide specific examples of your leadership achievements 
  • Explain how you have motivated and inspired others  
  • Describe the depth of your involvement in leadership activities 
  • Explain how your leadership efforts have made a positive impact in an organization, your school, or your community 
  • Demonstrate your progression within leadership positions 

Tips for writing the essays:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Provide examples of your leadership and who that leadership has made positive impacts on
  • Exercise some creativity! Writing a unique essay can set you apart from other applicants

Tips for choosing a reference: 

  • Select a reference who can be objective; try not to use family members if possible 
  • Choose someone who has directly worked with you or supervised you in your leadership role(s) 
  • Choose someone who can give specific examples and has first-hand knowledge of your leadership experience and abilities 

Once your reference’s email address is submitted, they will receive an email with instruction on how to submit a reference letter. They will also be directed to our References page

It is your responsibility to ensure that your reference receives their email instructions and are able to access the secure link provided. Please give your reference at least one to two weeks to write and submit their letter. Contact your reference personally and stay in touch with them to ensure they have received the email instructions and can submit the letter on time. Reference letters can only be submitted through the secure link and must be received by the competition deadline. 

Review your awards checklist in Bear Tracks to ensure your application is complete. You and your reference will also receive a confirmation email when the reference form is submitted.