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Cori Schmitz, MEd, BScOT(C)

Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor

Rehabilitation Medicine

Occupational Therapy

About Me


Master of Education - Graduate Division of Educational Research - Specialization: Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies - University of Calgary - 2010

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy - School of Rehabilitation Therapy - Queen's University - 1997


Prior to becoming the ACCE and an instructor in the Department of Occupational Therapy, Cori's most recent clinical experience had been in senior’s health in Calgary and in community-based mental health and supported housing in Vancouver.

Professional Interests

  • Fieldwork and Clinical Education
  • Therapeutic Use of Self in OT Practice
  • Inter-professional (IP) Teamwork and Service Provision
  • Community-based Mental Health Care
  • Marginalized Populations
  • Consumer Involvement