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Jacqueline Cummine, PhD, BA

Associate Professor

Rehabilitation Medicine

Communication Sciences and Disorders

About Me

Educational Background
2005:  B.A. Honours (Psychology), University of Saskatchewan
2009:  Ph.D. (Cognitive Neuropsychology), University of Saskatchewan

Areas of Interest
I am interested in reading and writing. In particular, under what conditions do skilled readers change their approaches to reading, how/when does reading break down, and how do the sensory systems (i.e., auditory, somatosensory, visual) contribute to reading proficiency and impairment? I am also exploring how the speech motor system shapes the way people acquire, refine and maintain reading skills, which involves a collaborative and multifaceted approach whereby we work with individuals with reading, hearing and/or speech impairments. Finally, I am also interested in the impact of reading impairments on social well-being. 

In each of these endeavours, we implement a variety of behavioural measurements and brain-based methodologies (i.e., fMRI and DTI) to provide a comprehensive understanding of the skill/process in question.


Alberta Cognitive Neuroscience Group

Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (University of Alberta)

Research Affiliate at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital


Research Interests
Literacy skills, which include reading and writing, are critical to communication in every aspect of life from completing assignments in school to completing professional projects at work, to socializing with friends and family on social media forums and email. For some individuals, these skills are relatively automatic and our self-efficacy, or belief in our abilities to complete these tasks, are high. For others, the notion of composing an email or writing a paper for a class causes overwhelming anxiety, social withdrawal and low self-efficacy. I am interested in advancing our understanding of the skills/processes that facilitate skilled reading, what happens when reading breaks downs and how reading skills change as a function of perturbations, and, importantly, the types of resources that may be useful for individuals with reading impairments. 

Current Projects

  1. Behavioural and Neurobiological Correlates of Basic Reading Processes: The Print-to-Speech Network (NSERC funded; 2018-2023)
  2. Auditory-Visual Integration for Individuals with Impairments in Reading, Hearing and/or Speech (Collaborators: William Hodgetts; Daniel Aalto)
  3. Self-Efficacy and Reading Impairment 
  4. Cognitive Load and Reliance on Visual, Auditory, and/or Somatosensory Information


Teaching areas include Research Methods and Design (CSD 501), Advanced Univariate Statistics (REHAB 699) and Readings on Selected Topics in Neuroscience (NEURO 450).