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Jacqueline Cummine, PhD, BA

Associate Professor

Rehabilitation Medicine

Communication Sciences and Disorders

About Me

Educational Background
2005:  B.A. Honours (Psychology), University of Saskatchewan
2009:  Ph.D. (Cognitive Neuropsychology), University of Saskatchewan

Areas of Interest
Coupling neuroimaging techniques with behavioural methodology to understand basic process of the human central nervous system; Developing a methodological framework for linking brain structure, function and behavioural measures within models of speech production and reading.

Alberta Cognitive Neuroscience Group
Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (University of Alberta)
Research Affiliate at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital


Research Interests
My program of research involves examining the behavioural, functional and structural pathways of basic language processing, with respect to speech production and reading. In particular, I am interested in bridging the gap between behavioural, functional and structural research by examining the relationships between/among parameters from each field:  reaction time and accuracy rates from behavioural research, characteristics of the blood oxygenated level dependent (i.e., BOLD) response function from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) research, and characteristics underlying white/grey matter from structural MRI and diffusion tensor imaging. In addition, I am interested in the way in which such models of language function (both behavioural and neuroanatomical) can inform models of dyslexia and other language impairments (e.g. aphasia).

Current Projects

  1. Behavioural and Neurobiological Correlates of Basic Reading Processes (NSERC funded)
  2. Brain Density and Rapid Automatized Naming in Adults With and Without Dyslexia (Killam funded; In collaboration with Dr. George Georgiou)
  3. Rapid Automatized Naming in English and Chinese First Language Speakers (In collaboration with Dr. George Georgiou and Dr. Shu Hua (Beijing Normal University))
  4. The Role of the N400 in Sentence Context for Younger and Older Adults (CFI funded; In collaboration with Dr. Esther Kim)
  5. Effects Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation on Overt Reading Speed and Accuracy (In collaboration with Dr. Carol Boliek)


Teaching areas:

Research Methods and Design (CSD 501)

Introduction to Univariate Statistics (CSD 598)

Cognitive Neuroscience in Language