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Jutta Hinrichs, BScOT, FCAOT

Assistant Lecturer & Clinical Education Coordinator - Calgary & Southern Alberta

Rehabilitation Medicine

Occupational Therapy

About Me


BScOT – Queen’s University – 1978

Awarded the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) Fellowship Award - 2014


Following a diverse career in clinical practice, Jutta joined the University of Alberta in April 2010 as the OT Clinical Education Coordinator for Calgary and southern Alberta.  Previous clinical experience includes practice areas of mental health, pediatrics, long term care and twenty years in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation.  She has worked as a clinician, department supervisor, program facilitator, program coordinator and professional practice leader.

Professional Interests

  • Fieldwork and Clinical Education
  • Therapeutic Use of Self in OT Practice
  • Interprofessional (IP) Teamwork and Service Provision
  • Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation
  • Program Development & Evaluation
  • Service to broader OT community through provincial (SAOT) and national (CAOT) associations



  • Teaching on professionalism and therapeutic use of self