Our Dean

Bob HaennelDr. Bob Haennel has served as dean since 2012. He joined the faculty in 2005 as chair of the physical therapy department.


Post-doctoral fellowship - Division of Cardiology - University of Alberta - 1987 to 1989
PhD - Physical Education - University of Alberta - 1987

Professional Interests

Preventive/Rehabilitative Program Director, American College of Sports Medicine
Editorial Board, Journal of CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation & Prevention
Research Affiliate, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Cross Appointment with the Mazankowski Heart Institute

Dr. Haennel's research interests are in the area of exercise in the management of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. He has published extensively in the fields of Clinical Exercise Physiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Cardiac Pacing. He authored several chapters of the 2nd and 3rd edition of the Canadian Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.


  • Served as a professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies, University of Regina from 1990 to 2005.
  • Directed The Paul Schwann Applied Health and Research Centre at the University of Regina from 1992 to 2005.
  • Directed the Cardiovascular Research Unit and the Cardiac Rehabilitation program which were jointly operated by the University of Regina and the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region from 1998 to 2005.
  • Returned to the University of Alberta in 2005 to chair the Department of Physical Therapy.

Current Research

Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Assessing daily physical activity and sedentary behaviour in patients with heart failure.
  • Effects of cardiac rehabilitation in heart failure patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy.
  • Impact of community-based versus hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation on daily function and long-term physical activity
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Impact of exercise rehabilitation on the ability of pulmonary patients on ambulatory physical activity and the ability to perform activities of daily living.

Recent Publications

Ramadi, A and RG Haennel. Sedentary behaviour and physical activity in cardiac rehabilitation patients. Heart & Lung, 2019; 48(1)8-12, doi: 10.1016/j-hrtlng.2018-09-008.

Gad SA, Martin S, Kimber S, Williams RH, Gulamhusein SS, Lockwood EE, Haennel RG. Impact of cardiac resynchronization therapy on daily physical activity in heart failure patients. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention. 2018; 38 (6): E1-E4. doi: 10.1097/HCR.0000000000000345.

Yavari M, Haykowski MJF, Savu A, Kaul P, Dyck J, Haennel RG, for Alberta HEART Investigators. Volume and patterns of physical activity across the health failure continuum. Canadian Journal of Cardiology. 2017; 33 (11):1465-1471. doi: 10.1016/j.cjca.2017.07.005.

Hammal F, Quaife T, Purich K, Haennel R, Gragasin FS, Martin-Feeney DS, Finegan BA. Assessing the accuracy of algorithm-derived cardiorespiratory fitness in surgical patients: a prospective cohort study. Canadian Journal of Anastesiology. 2017 Apr;64(4):361-369. doi: 10.1007/s12630-017-0812-5.

Ramadi A, Buijs DM, Threlfall TG, Aggarwal SG, Arena R, Rdogers WM, Haennel RG. Long-term physical activity behavior after completion of traditional versus fast-track cardiac rehabilitation. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2016 Nov/Dec;31(6):E1-E7. doi: 10.1097/JCN.0000000000000341.

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