Our Students

Rehabilitation Medicine Student Association (RMSA)

What RMSA is

The Rehabilitation Medicine Student Association (RMSA) is a student-run, not-for-profit organization, and the official representative body for all Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine students.

What RMSA does

Why you should get involved

Make lasting friendships and memories during your post-secondary education! Get involved with the RMSA and connect with the students and staff at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Make a difference by volunteering in the community and by supplying subsidies to fellow classmates.

Also, volunteer experienced gained through RMSA is a great addition to your resume and shows your involvement university events.

You’ll get:

  • Health and wellness subsidies (50% of each intramural sports and recreation fee, up to $75)
  • Education subsidies (50% of each professional conference, up to $75)
  • Charitable events subsidies (up to 50% of each, up to $75)
  • Discount on Corbett Hall locker rentals
  • Eligibility for RMSA scholarships and bursaries
  • Ticket specials for various events throughout the year
  • Eligibility for RMSA executive council elections

How to get involved

Purchase a $25 membership in September and become a part of the RMSA family. In February, students can run for various council positions and attend bi-weekly RMSA meetings throughout the year. Students can also get involved with the RMSA by volunteering for or attending any of their special events, such as the annual Winter Gala.