Strategic Plan 2017-2020

STRATEGY 1: Create a positive, respectful, safe workplace


Timeline: December 2018

  • Establish transparent administrative processes and procedures for the use of shared resources
  • Identify workplace values to guide behaviours and decisions
    • Commit to open, authentic, honest communication.
    • Create signage to support FRM values
  • Connect with Office of Safe Disclosure to ensure students, staff and faculty have access to and understand their rights, responsibilities, and grievance procedures


  • Develop a Questionnaire to assess areas of FRM culture. Survey in Dec 2017, 2018, and 2019 to assess progress.
    • Results from questionnaire using same (selected) questions as in beginning of strategic planning – showing improved results on areas related to morale and communication (>20% gain)
    • Improved collaboration/communication between Departments and the Faculty, and between individual faculty members in and across Departments (Questionnaire)
    • Greater percentage of people feeling supported and recognized (Questionnaire)
    • Faculty members feel supported and valued for their contributions (Questionnaire)
    • Faculty and staff feel heard and are involved in the decisions that impact them (Questionnaire)
    • Effective communication pathways (Questionnaire)
    • Faculty speak as one voice in support of FRM and in support of Departmental initiatives that benefit all (Questionnaire)
    • Staff feel proud to work in FRM (Questionnaire)
  • Intranet developed to house shared resources, meeting minutes, list Faculty committee members.
  • Department Staff Meeting Agendas – standing item for department reps to present on Faculty committee activities
  • Increased attendance and participation at meetings (Track number of attendants at faculty council meetings)
  • Administrative policies and procedures available on intranet
  • Office of Safe Disclosure present at Faculty Council / prepare materials for FR


  • Survey administered by Dr. Kelly Williams-Whitt (summer 2018)
  • Intranet launched (March 2018)
  • Standing items added to agendas and attendance is being tracked
  • Administrative policies and procedures are available on intranet
  • Office of Safe Disclosure presented at Faculty Council meeting (May 29, 2018)
  • Increased attendance and participation at Faculty Council meetings
    • Spring 2017: 37
    • Fall 2017: 50
    • Spring 2018: 37
    • Fall 2018: 43