Strategic Plan 2017-2020

STRATEGY 1: Create a marketing and external communication strategy in consultation with stakeholders and partners


Timeline: December 2018

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing framework (branding and awareness) that identifies key stakeholders and the targeted messages for each. (Making sure that key priorities are communicated properly)


  • Completed marketing/awareness guidelines
  • Implementation of marketing/awareness campaign
  • Increase in engagement:
    • Increased traffic to FRM website and on social media including from other countries
    • Increase in number of FRM tweets and retweets
    • Increase in number of new visitors and returning visitors to FRM websites
    • Increase in FRM page views, click-throughs and time spent on pages
    • FRM Social media: increase in # of followers; increase in # of shares; increase in membership
    • Increase in FRM SEO position
    • Increase in number of requests from media and public
    • Increase in alumni engagement (#’s attending events, volunteering, # of ambassadors, donation levels, donation percentage, reunion numbers)


  • Preliminary discussion about baseline and messaging but awaiting return of Director of Marketing & Communications in January 2019
  • New content to website news feed and social media accounts added weekly
  • Increasing content suppliers to FRM Instagram account to add student perspective
  • Introduced alumni life cycles, engagement funnel and affinity scoring metrics from Alumni Relations
  • Increased planned events for Alumni Weekend, targeted to specific alumni life cycles