Strategic Plan 2017-2020

STRATEGY 2: Continue and enhance opportunities to showcase excellence in research, education, and service


Timeline: December 2017

  • Improve faculty, alumni, and student awareness of marketing and communications services

Timeline: December 2018

  • Increase opportunities for our stakeholders to participate in showcasing FRM excellence (include clinics and institutes)

Timeline: December 2019

  • Provide comprehensive communications training to faculty, select alumni, and select students


  • List established, coordinated and shared
  • Increase # of ambassadors recruited (alumni, students, faculty)
  • Ambassador recruitment/training /awareness package created and used
  • Media training implemented (twice per year) using technology at all three sites. Utilization of mock interviews, role play
  • Communications and Advancement/Development presentations made at each department meeting. Roles, tools, policies and expectation checklist created distribute after presentations. Adapted for web site for ease of reference


  • Alumni Newsletter with 30-50 per cent readership engagement
  • Establish dates for communications training 
  • Comprehensive ISTAR marketing and communications plan
  • Glen Sather Clinic Google adwords campaign
  • Plan to create inventory of ambassadors
  • Professor Page training session hosted in 2018
  • Communications protocol and tools to be disseminated
  • HiMARC marketing/communications plan
  • FRM video campaign launch, dissemination to be established for ambassador package