Strategic Plan 2017-2020

STRATEGY 4: Facilitate and support the success of individuals and research teams


Timeline: December 2017

  • Establish merit-based and competitive processes for allocating financial and other supports
  • Establish a competitive postdoctoral recruitment program

Timeline: December 2018

  • Establish an effective equipment maintenance/renewal plan based on identified priorities
  • Establish a structured mentorship program for new researchers
  • Develop or enhance grant development supports including:
    • Supplementing the university Grant Assist Program
    • Administrative Assistance for pre-submission grant development


  • Increase number of publications:
    • all tenure-track faculty publishing at least 1 peer-reviewed article per year
    • increasing average # of articles per member from 3.2/yr to 4.0/yr in 3 yrs
  • Increase mean/median Impact Factor of published articles to 2.0 (currently 1.8)
  • Increase mean/median relative citation rate of tenure-track members to 1.5 (currently 1.3)
  • Increase external research grant support:
    • Increase TC funded from 36% to 75% in 3 years
    • Increase Externally funded from 75% to 100% in 3 years
  • Increase total research funding received from a 5 yr floating mean of $4 million to $4.5 million in 5 years
  • Presence of FRM members on provincial, national and international advisory, scientific, and policy review panels
  • Increase number of externally funded postdoctoral scholars
  • Increase number of publications of Faculty mentors of FRM supported postdocs
  • Host the 1st Annual Distinguished Lecture in Rehabilitation Sciences by Dec. 2018


  • FRM Postdoctoral recruitment award established (fall 2017)
  • Established merit-based, peer-evaluated competitions to allocate financial assistance for research
  • First call for equipment renewal program (June 29, 2018)
  • Grant development supports:
    • tri-council mentors for new PIs
    • hired Research Administrative Assistant (Roshanie Khan)