Rehabilitation Medicine Journal Club (JC)

What is JC?

JC is a voluntary monthly meeting for graduate students interested in the critical appraisal of journal articles and the discussion of research methods. It provides a supportive platform for students to ask questions and express their opinions on the research design and statistical methods of different scientific papers.

The Rehabilitation Medicine Journal Club started in October 2009 after Martin Ferguson-Pell, Dean of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, recognized the benefits of running a journal club. Since the inception of JC, more than 15 graduate students from different disciplines have led this monthly event.

How does JC work?

Every month, one graduate student volunteers to select an article and lead the club's discussion. Many graduate students also use JC meetings to rehearse conference presentations, candidacy exams, and oral defence exams. They benefit from receiving feedback and suggestions from other attendees.

Benefits of participating in the Journal Club


  • Improve competence and confidence in leading discussion and resolving conflicts
  • Polish presentation and communication skills
  • Share their own research findings or the latest literature in their field
  • Rehearse conference presentations, candidacy exams or oral defence exams
  • Gain constructive feedback and suggestions from fellow students in a supportive environment


  • Learn various research methodologies, statistical methods, critical appraisal skills, and the latest development in various rehabilitation fields
  • Improve competence and confidence in academic discussion and presentation
  • Gain new insight into different research areas through brainstorming and knowledge transfer with fellow students
  • Socialize with other students and enjoy food sponsored by our Faculty

Examples of topics covered in the past

  • Statistical analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Poster preparation
  • Clinical decision rule development

Who JC is open to?

It is open to all graduate students at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine who are interested in literature appraisal, research methodology, academic presentation and networking.

When and where JC is held?

It is held on the first Friday of every month at noon. We usually meet in the Alumni Lounge where we can relax in a cozy environment and enjoy the free lunch provided by our Faculty.

How can I find out more?

Contact Arnold Wong at