The Rehabilitation Medicine Students' Association (RMSA) subsidy is designed to enhance member's experiences while at the University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. The RMSA Subsidy encourages member's to attend (a) professional development sessions and conferences that will grow their professional networks and build their knowledge base and (b) intramural activities that will improve mental health and well-being.

The RMSA will pay up to $15 incurred for registration costs associated with involvement in professional development sessions, conferences and intramural activities for RMSA members up to a maximum of $15 per membership year. Professional development sessions or courses taken for credit or that are a degree requirement are excluded from subsidization. Subsidy applications must be submitted to the RMSA, with original receipts, proof of payment and proof of course completion if applicable, within fourteen (14) days of the final day of the professional development session, conference or intramural activity.

2019-2020 Subsidy Application