Canada 150 Alumni Award in Rehabilitation

Join the celebration and make a difference

Canada 150 Alumni Award in Rehabilitation - Invest in Graduate Students for a Healthier Canada

Together, our alumni are celebrating Canada's 150th birthday by creating the Canada 150 Alumni Award in Rehabilitation to advance the art and science of rehabilitation in our great nation.

Celebrate Canada 150 with a gift to your alma mater!

As our population continues to age, we will rely on the research and clinical skills of our alumni, faculty and future rehabilitation professionals. The innovation, expertise and research generated by the faculty and our alumni impact the community through knowledge and techniques that support a healthy and active lifestyle and improved quality of life.

Your gift will establish a fund to support a University of Alberta alumnus pursuing a graduate degree in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. This award provides a unique opportunity for us to celebrate and make a difference for future generations of rehabilitation professionals - for the next 150 years and beyond.

If the minimum endowment level is not reached, donations will be directed to the Rehabilitation Medicine Student Scholarships endowment.

If you have any questions about giving to the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, contact John Voyer at 780.248.5781 or

Thank you for being part of our celebration and for continuing our alumni tradition: 'Do great things!'