Giving Opportunities


Invest in the best and brightest students and professors who learn and teach at the U of A Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, the only stand-alone faculty of its kind in North America.

  • By attracting students who are not only top achievers but are also leaders in their schools and communities, we create well-rounded graduates who can combine academic knowledge and clinical skills to deliver high-quality rehabilitation and healthcare.
  • Our faculty members are outstanding teachers as well as internationally recognized researchers, and they are committed to preparing rehab medicine students to enhance the health of citizens in Alberta and beyond.


We are a research leader in musculoskeletal health, spinal cord injuries, cardiac rehabilitation, chronic pain management and the application of information and communication technologies to support community care. Invest in research that improves the quality of life of individuals through improved understanding and innovations in a broad spectrum of rehabilitation fields.


An investment in our Faculty is an investment in the community. The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine is home to a variety of institutes, centres, clinics and research groups.  These facilities support strong research and service links within the Faculty, across and among the University and its partners, and within the community.