In Memoriam

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine notes with sorrow the recent passing of the following members of the rehabilitation medicine family (based on information received from friends and family).

  • Amber Shurb-Beach

    The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine remembers Amber Shurb-Beach (SLP '16)

    Amber’s friends, family and the speech-language pathology class of 2016 are organizing a donation to support the Augmentative and Alternative Communication Camp in her memory. More...

  • Benita Fifield

    Benita Fifield: Remembering an educator, innovator, mentor, pioneer and philanthropist

    Fifield made lasting contributions to the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. More...

  • Sabine Liselotte Reich

    Sabine Liselotte Reich BSc(PT) '71

    Sabine Liselotte Reich of Edmonton, Alberta passed away in November 2016. 

  • Sylvia Helen Lofto

    Remembering Sylvia Helen Lofto: April 21, 1942 - February 9, 2017

    Sylvia Helen Lofto was born on Apr. 21, 1942. 

    Her career at the University of Alberta spanned several decades in the Departments of Zoology, Materials Management, and Occupational Therapy.

    Sylvia joined the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine's Department of Occupational Therapy as an Executive Assistant in 1985. She was a vital and major contributor to the design of the Department's administrative infrastructure during its significant growth period in the mid-1980's.  

    Her logistical prowess and coordination oversaw the timetabling, budgeting and offering of the accelerated program, and the initiation of the country's first Master in Occupational Therapy. She also played a vital role in the remodeling of Corbett Hall upon further departmental expansion. Within the University, she was a strong advocate for the Department and its programs.

    Sylvia, who retired from the University of Alberta in 2001, will be remembered for her integrity by those who worked closely with her.