Street Credit: Rehab Med Calgary Satellite Campus

Did you know you can get a University of Alberta MSc degree in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in Calgary now? Located in downtown Calgary, the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Calgary satellite campus has 88 students and 13 staff. To get to know the "new kids" of the Rehab Med family better, we decided to hit "the streets" of our Calgary campus and find out more about the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Calgary satellite programs.

Caleng Chang - 07 January 2016

What is your favourite part about being a member of the Calgary satellite campus?

"My favourite part about being an instructor for the Calgary satellite campus is the opportunity to teach in a small class setting. I feel this allows me to be connected to the students and helps me to be effective at my job."
Kimberly Coutts, OT sessional instructor

"By far, the feeling of community - we have all bonded! We are such a uniquely diverse group, which I feel enhances my learning, as well as my overall experience at school."
Miranda Carter, 2nd year MSc Physical Therapy student who also volunteers in Jaynie Yang's lab in Calgary

"My favourite part about being a MSc PT student at the Calgary satellite campus is very simple: it allows me to go home to my wife and 4-month old baby every night. Being accepted to the Calgary satellite campus has meant the world to my wife and me. We're very grateful!"
Michael Kirby, 2nd year MSc Physical Therapy student

What makes the Calgary satellite campus/program unique?

"We are not in the typical university campus environment; we get to be a part of a professional atmosphere located in downtown Calgary. We have the opportunity to be a part of the University of Alberta and utilize the resources of the University of Calgary all while enjoying our own space to learn as professionals. Despite being off campus our professors and coordinators offer a student-centred approach. They are continuously looking for our input on how to improve our current satellite campus experience and the experience for future cohorts."
Cassandra Greenhough, 2nd year MSc Occupational Therapy student

"The state of the art technology that connects us to the other campuses and the small class sizes."
Jamie Rishaug, Calgary coordinator

"In my opinion, what makes Calgary campus unique is what individuals bring to the campus. Because it is a smaller campus as far as demographics go, it has been a blessing to get to know everyone on our floor on a more personal level."
Kevin You, 1st year MSc Physical Therapy student

"Every Tuesday is a themed dress-up day and our "Treat Yo-self Tuesday" treat day. I'm confident that this probably makes us unique. In addition to dressing up and treat day, we have potlucks at least once per month and seem to have a lot of fun!"
Michael Kirby, 2nd year MSc PT student

"We have a strong sense of vitality as a 'young' setting and thus are able to be responsive to needs. I believe that the Calgary satellite campus is well positioned to trial new ideas and initiatives for the whole OT program."
Kimberly Coutts, OT instructor

Why would you recommend the satellite program?

"The satellite campus is great for both academic growth, and for building strong relationships! Our PT instructor and academic advisor Jacky Chow, is also a huge selling point. He is honestly the most down-to-earth instructor, always willing to take the time to answer your questions, extremely patient, and most importantly, all the students find him to be friendly and approachable."
Kevin You, 1st year MSc PT student

"It's a close knit group that allows for interdisciplinary relationships and the students get a lot of one-on-one with our instructors."
Jamie Rishaug, Calgary coordinator

"I'd recommend the Calgary satellite program because of the diversity of learning methods - video conferencing, in-class instruction and being part of a strong occupational therapy program. I think belonging to a smaller cohort may offer benefits to students in terms of a learning and future professional community."
Kimberly Coutts, OT instructor

What makes you proud of being part of the U of A?

"I am proud to be a part of a school with so much to offer, and so many incredibly intelligent and innovative faculty members. We have been taught by faculty members who end up in the mainstream news for their research work. In addition, many current practicing physiotherapists speak so highly of the phenomenal clinical work many of our current instructors are known for. It's a point of pride to be able to say the school and instructors guiding my learning are so highly regarded."
Miranda Carter, 2nd year MSc PT student

"I am proud to be part of an inclusive university that recognizes the need to diversify and make readily available learning opportunities for students across Western Canada. The introduction of a satellite campus is one that allows prospective students choice in location and format that meets their required and preferred educational needs."
Cassandra Greenhough, 2nd year MSc OT student


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