A growing researcher in rehabilitation science

Convocation Feature: Q&A with Lyndsey Hahn, '20 PhD RS

Rehab Med Communications - 05 June 2020

Why did you choose the U of A's Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine?
I chose to complete my PhD in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine because of the advanced research produced by the faculty and the mentorship I would receive throughout my program.  I feel grateful to have been part of such a strong research team at the University of Alberta.  My supervisor’s investment in my learning throughout my PhD enabled me to reach goals that felt unimaginable at the beginning of my studies.

What is your most fond memory from your time in the program?
My most fond memory from my time in the program would be meeting researchers within the field and establishing a strong network to share ideas and collaborate on projects. I was given the opportunity to attend international conferences during my time in the program which really enhanced my learning experience as a PhD student and allowed me to grow as a researcher.

Did you conduct research during your time in the faculty? What kind of research did you do?
I completed a secondary data analysis with Statistics Canada data utilising the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY).  More specifically, I employed structural equation modeling to investigate the relationship between parental disability (when children were 4-5 years) and youth well-being (at 18-19 years).  This included the investigation of potentially mediating pathways including the mediating role of economic hardship.  I was also given the opportunity to be a part of qualitative research led by my supervisor, Dr. David McConnell, within the Family and Disability Studies Initiative.  These opportunities have allowed me to broaden my research skills and understand how different methodologies may be utilised to investigate different types of research questions.  

Where are you hoping to take your research now that you have graduated? What is next for you?
I plan to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and by doing so continue learn and grow as a researcher.  I feel that my time with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine has provided a strong foundation for me to continue to build research skills and new ways to understand and view the world around us.  I feel excited for this next chapter!

What would you tell someone who asked you, 'What's so great about the U of A Rehabilitation Science program?'
I believe that the people I have worked with and the opportunities I have been given have been the best part of the U of A Rehabilitation Science program.  The people I have worked with throughout my PhD, especially my supervisor and faculty within Rehabilitation Medicine, have supported me to grow in numerous ways.  I also feel thankful for the friendships I have developed with other PhD students in the Rehabilitation Science program.  Not only did I learn a tremendous amount from countless discussions on theory and methodology, but these fellow PhD students have also become lifelong friends in the process!
I want to congratulate all of the 2020 graduates! I wish everyone the best in their future endeavours!  


Lyndsey Hahn will be convocating on June 12, 2020 with a PhD in Rehabilitation Science. (Photo supplied)