Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Bridging to Canadian Physiotherapy Practice

Bridging Certificate Mission:

To facilitate the integration of internationally educated physiotherapists into the Canadian healthcare workplace through education, mentorship and clinical experience.

This 12-month program, offered in a blended format, consists of five courses: two academic courses, two concurrent mentorship courses, and one clinical placement course. The Bridging Certificate Program operate in the cohort model with one-intake per year, and all students are required to complete all five courses.

Academic course work designed purposely for Internationally Educated Physiotherapists (IEPTs) supports the development of the additional knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning required to meet Canadian entry-to-practice standards. Cultural and workplace orientation is provided through mentorship and clinical placement to help integration into the workplace.

The Alberta Bridging Certificate program runs once a year from August to the following August. This 12 month program, offered in a blended format, consists of five courses: two academic courses, two concurrent mentoring courses, and one clinical placement course. Our delivery format supports adult learners to manage the majority of their study time at the time of day that best fits their needs. The on-campus lab component takes place once every two weeks. A visual map of the program can be found here.

The Bridging Certificate program also includes a one week full-time academic introduction (August) and one mandatory clinical placement which is 6 weeks full-time. As well, a physical therapist practicing in the local community is assigned to each IEPT as a mentor and guide for learning integration and application. Mentors will provide access to clinical experiences 3-6 hours a week during the time the academic courses are running. The mentorship experience will take place during regular working hours. Clinical placement is offered during the months of June, July or August. The Bridging Certificate program will take a minimum of 12 months to complete. The timing of the clinical placement may extend the total time to complete.

Progress in the program will be assessed using written and practical exam formats.