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Certificate in Pain Management

Now accepting applications for Winter 2018

REHAB 535 is tentatively scheduled for January 15 - April 13, 2018

The number of individuals suffering chronic pain is projected to increase dramatically over the coming decades. This makes it imperative that professionals be educated in effective, evidence-based assessment and treatment of pain conditions.

Unfortunately, there is little formal education devoted to pain education in health care training programs in Canada. The Certificate in Pain Management provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary groups to address many of the issues related to pain.


Pain certificate courses can be used towards credentialing through the Canadian Academy of Pain Management (CAPM). The pain certificate courses take the place of a CAPM course and exam and partially meet the qualification required for CAPM credentialing. Please note that there are additional requirements for clinicians who seek credentialing through CAPM. For more information please visit  Additionally, Mainpro Cert+ credits are available through the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) via 'University Programs'.

Participant Comments

'The "Nature of Pain" course was a wonderful experience. It gave me a firm foundation in cutting edge pain neurophysiology.  My participation in the course has improved my ability to conceptualize the etiology of my patients' pain and the best way to treat it.' - Family Physician (CFPC member)

'Pain is a very complex problem and learning about different ways to look at pain and the patient has added more depth to my clinical practice. I have lots of resources to share with my work colleagues. Case presentations are a great way to stimulate discussions of personal experience with similar situations. Often those experiences add a new perspective a clinical problem I may have encountered or may encounter.'

'It expanded my knowledge tremendously and motivated me to continue learning about pain management. I learned to think more critically and have a greater understanding of various professional scopes of practice. The connections I made with other classmates/communities of practice are also invaluable.'

'Any practitioner who works with chronic pain patients would benefit from the knowledge offered by this course.'

  • Who is it for?

    - Physical therapists
    - Nurses
    - Psychologists
    - Social workers
    - Physicians (MAINPro C and M1 credit available)
    - Pharmacists
    - Occupational therapists
    - Others in related fields

  • Which skills will I gain?

    Upon completion of the three certificate courses students will be able to:

    - Understand the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in managing pain through an understanding of the unique and shared roles and responsibilities of various professionals on an interdisciplinary team in the assessment and management of pain conditions.

    - Use critical thinking and evidence-based approaches to develop assessment and treatment plans across the pain continuum, with an emphasis on complex/chronic pain.

    - Use a bio-psycho-social clinical reasoning framework which integrates information across models in the assessment and treatment of pain.

    *Registrants completing all three courses in this certificate may use the letters PgCPain to designate successful program completion.

  • When do the courses begin?

    Certificate program courses are offered in a staggered format. All three courses could be completed within approximately18 months but could also be completed in a three year time frame.

    Time is devoted two weeks before the start of the first course in the series for students to familiarize themselves with the eClass system (online learning platform) and to complete any online pre-course materials.

    Please contact the certificate programs coordinator at to obtain information on upcoming course offerings.

  • What are the requirements?

    Eligible students include all health professionals who meet the following University of Alberta Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR) requirements:

    1. Submission of original post-secondary degree transcript (if you have attended several institutions we will require only your MOST RECENT degree program transcript) ?**Please note that FGSR will not accept copies transcripts must be original and received in an envelope sent directly from the institution attended. We can access U of A transcripts if you were a former student here.
    2. GPA of 3.0 (if you do not meet this requirement please contact the certificate programs coordinator)
    3. For students whose first language is not English, a TOEFL equivalent to entry level U of A Rehab programs (minimum of 580)

    You can begin the online application to this certificate program anytime by visiting the FGSR website

  • Which courses do I need?

    A Certificate will be granted by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research upon successful completion of three required graduate-level credit courses, as listed below.

    REHAB 535: The Nature of Pain (*3)

    Pain is a major factor impacting quality of life and will continue to become more so as the average lifespan increases. Understanding the multi-dimensional nature of pain and its broad impact is critical to applying best practice in its assessment and treatment. The neural pathways / mechanisms subserving normal and pathological pain will be studied in depth as well as a critical view of translating these findings to clinical practice. A range of theoretical perspectives underlying the individual’s experience of pain across the continuum from acute to complex/chronic will be presented. The role of interprofessional collaboration for comprehensive pain management will be introduced. (This course is a pre-requisite for REHAB 536 and REHAB 537.)

    REHAB 536: Assessment and Management of Pain (*3)

    Knowledge Translation: Integrating evidence into practice. Building on foundations developed in Rehab 535, this course will present models of and approaches to assessment of and treatment for common pain conditions, across the lifespan, with an emphasis on complex/chronic pain. This course will explore the etiologies of various pain conditions, the prevalence of pain, as well as ethical issues, barriers, and facilitators to comprehensive assessment and treatment. Rationale for pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions will be reviewed. Participants will discuss best practice roles and evidence based roles and interventions for each of the health professionals involved in the collaborative interprofessional management of chronic pain. Pre-requisite: REHAB 535.

    REHAB 537: Integrating and Implementing Pain Management Models (*3)

    This course will provide an opportunity for students to integrate and apply information presented in REHAB 535 and 536 using standardized assignments with real and/or simulated patients as a base from which to develop an evidence-based, collaborative, interprofessional, assessment and treatment of chronic pain and disability. Pre-requisite: REHAB 535, REHAB 536.

  • How do I apply?

    Please begin the application process for program admission by visiting the FGSR website.

    For instructions on how to complete the application, please view the following slide show:

    *Supporting Documents: Where applicable, all supporting documents including transcripts, letters of reference, and letter of intent must be mailed directly to the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine:

        Shawn Drefs
        Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
        University of Alberta?
        3-48 Corbett Hall?
        Edmonton, AB T6G 2G4

    Here are some tips to help you with the on-line registration:

    1. What department are you applying to? Rehabilitation Medicine
    2. What program are you applying to? Post-baccalaureate Certificate
    3. What specialization or study field are you applying to? Pain Management
    4. When do you want to start this program (Fall/Winter/Spring) – Please select the term closest to the course offering term you wish to be registered into (e.g. if you are taking a spring course and the only options available are Fall/Winter – select Fall. The faculty can change the term manually once you have submitted your application).
    5. How do you intend to study? Part-time
  • How can I find out more information?

    For more details on this course, please contact Shawn Drefs, Program Coordinator, at:

    Phone: 780.492.1587

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