Online Mastering Multiple Choice Exam Course

"I feel so glad to announce that I passed my written component with an outstanding score in very first trial. It was my pleasure to enroll in this program where I learned so many things. The orientation about the exam pattern, and very importantly, sample questions for different areas of practice made concepts very clear and concise with how I should read and what could be the pattern of scenario based questions, vignettes, and stand alone questions in general. This played very important role in my success."

Vinod Ravaliya - Mastering Multiple Choice Exam participant

  • Course Description

    This online course allows students to develop strategies for studying for and writing a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination. This course is designed for Internationally or Canadian educated physical therapists who are preparing for writing MCQ exams, including the written (Qualifying) component of the Canadian Alliance National Physiotherapy Competency Exam.
    Prerequisite: none

    This is a non-credit course, and is offered only as professional development.

    The course includes several self-paced modules that are completed prior to a practice MCQ Physiotherapy Examination. All modules and the exam are completed online (no attendance required). Students will receive feedback on study plans and their performance in the practice exam. Note: This course does not provide a general review of physiotherapy practice.

    *Please note that courses are offered based on sufficient enrolment.

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    - September 14 - October 2, 2020

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  • How to Register
    To register for the Mastering the Multiple Choice Exam course:

    Step 1: Submit Payment for the Course

    Step 2: Once you submit payment you will be contacted via email with instructions on how to set up your course login

    Step 3: Once you complete the steps outlined in the login set up contact sdrefs@ualberta and request access to the course

    *All fees must be paid in full before participants are provided access to the course.

    *Please note that because this is a not for credit course there is no official tax receipt. However, you will receive an automatically generated receipt once payment is made and which may be used for tax purposes.
  • Cost
    The cost for this course is $200 CAD.
  • Course Goals

    By the end of this course the student will:

    1. Understand the basics of MCQs and MCQ exams.
    2. Establish a study schedule and exam plan for the National PCE Qualifying Exam.
    3. Complete a practice PCE MCQ exam using the strategies covered in this course.
  • Learning Activities

    -Viewing pre-recorded online lectures.

    -Self-directed learning activities There are self-directed learning activities included in each module. In modules 3 (Preparing for Multiple Choice Exams) and 6 (Creating your Exam Plan), the learning activities should be submitted for feedback from the instructor.

    -A practice PCE exam This exam is similar to the format of the PCE Written (Qualifying) Exam. It includes 100 MCQ to be completed in 2 hours. Students can start the exam anytime between 8:00 and 14:00 (Mountain time zone) near the end of each course. Once a student opens the exam, it will stay open for 2 hours. Leaving and returning to the exam will not be allowed.
    During the week following the exam, students will receive a report about their exam performance. Exam review presentations will also be available.

  • Learning Modules

    -Understanding Multiple Choice Questions & Exams (e.g. understanding MC questions/exams, question types, scenario questions)

    -Preparing for Multiple Choice Exams (e.g. How to study for PCE, When to study for PCE 2, Make your own PCE study schedule).

    -Taking Multiple Choice Exams (e.g. Taking MC exams, writing exams on computer, managing the exam, interpreting MC questions, what you need to know about PCE).

    -Self-Care & Exam Performance (e.g. Exam performance, how to manage exam anxiety, strategies).

    -Creating your Exam Plan (e.g. creating your exam plan, why plan for exam, how to create an exam plan, create your own plan for PCE).

    -Your Practice PCE (MCQ exam skills practice exam).

  • Technical Requirements

    It is the student's individual responsibility to ensure all technical requirements for online participation are met and functioning before the course starts. To participate in the online content, the student must have the following minimum requirements:

    1. Access to a computer or mobile device with a high‐speed internet connection
    2. An internet browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome)
    3. It is strongly recommended you download the latest versions of Adobe Reader, Quicktime, Flash and Java

    Please note that lectures are provided in an HTML5 format and so should be playable on most browsers and mobile devices without the need to install Flash.

  • Class Schedule
    The course website will be open for three weeks after the course start date. The Mastering the MCQ Exam course is delivered using a distance format via eClass (The University of Alberta's online learning platform). The course consists of six (6) learning modules and a practice MCQ physiotherapy exam.

    All content is delivered asynchronously meaning there is no requirement to be online at a specific class date and time. The learning modules are self-paced. Each student completes the modules on their own, prior to the practice exam which is scheduled near the end of each course. Content is accessible twenty four (24) hours-a-day from any location with an internet connection.

    Each module consists of online lectures and a self‐directed learning activity. Students are fully responsible for completing learning activities and to regularly check the course eClass website for updates or announcements.
  • Participant Comments
    I feel very happy to inform you that I have passed my PCE exam (theory) which I (completed in) Dec 2016 and also I wish to say that this is my first attempt.

    I really want to thank-you and appreciate that the course was very useful for my preparation and during my exam. Your remarks and feedback after the model exam was also very much useful to strengthen the weak areas of my studies. I sincerely followed your suggestions like preparing graphs, flowchart, and sandwich bags for various concepts. It helped a lot to remember quickly everything during exam. While doing the exam your words helped me a lot in choosing the best answer.

    Thank you for your valuable guidance and support. I have recommended the course to my friends too. I wish you to conduct the course in future which will be very beneficial for the students (preparing for the) exam.

    - Sheeba Raja (IEPT)
  • Contact
    For course inquiries please e-mail

    Shawn Drefs
    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
    University of Alberta
    Corbett Hall, 3-48N
    Edmonton, AB=
    Phone: 780-492-1587