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Annual Karin Greaves Memorial Education Seminars

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine’s Karin Greaves Memorial Education Seminar has been offered annually since 2009. The event, held in November each year, includes a full day of formal education sessions specifically directed at the assessment and treatment of joint arthroplasties. It also includes interactive presentations of current concepts of joint arthroplasties by orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists, pharmacists, and other related disciplines.
Karin Greaves was a physical therapist from the University of Alberta Hospital. She worked extensively in total joint arthroplasty and was well regarded by patients, orthopedic surgeons and allied health professionals. She was recognized by the Canadian Orthopedic Association in 2000 for her work in joint arthroplasty as a patient advocate. Her dedication to the physical therapy profession and total joint arthroplasty patients, in particular, is fondly remembered and she is much missed by her friends and colleagues.

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