Lymphedema and Chronic Edema Management - A Course for Healthcare Professionals


This series of educational modules presents an in-depth, expert-facilitated overview of key topics in lymphedema and chronic edema management, across practice settings from pediatrics to elder care. This course consists of four modules covering the following clinically relevant topics including: (Module 1) differential diagnosis and complex measurements in lymphedema, (Module 2) lymphedema across the lifespan, with consideration of quality of life and patient-centred care, (Module 3) research and advanced treatment approaches, and (Module 4) application through case scenarios. This professional learning course offers a high quality educational experience for healthcare professionals working in Canada and abroad.

Contribution to Lymphedema and Edema Education: this course is being offered as an introduction for any generalist healthcare clinicians who may see individuals experiencing lymphedema or chronic edema. This course will provide learners with a comprehensive overview of the complex aspects of lymphedema and chronic edema and present clinical management approaches for these conditions.

Instruction and Module Design: This online course includes four learning modules delivered asynchronously over a six-week time frame. Learners work through the modules at their own pace. Modules include knowledge-checks and tailored learning activities to ensure that learning goals are being met throughout the course

Guest Lectures: Participants will have the opportunity to learn from well-known experts including Dr. Stanley Rockson, Dr. Margie McNeely, Dr. Melissa Aldrich, Dr. David Keast, Dr. Anna Towers, Dr. Catherine McCuaig, Dr. Vaughan Keeley, Dr. Siba Haykal, Dr. Elizabeth Dylke, Ms. Heather Watt, and Ms. Mona Al Onazi.

Upcoming course offerings:

  • March 7 - April 15, 2022

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Brought to you through the collaboration of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Professional Education, the Canadian Lymphedema Framework (CLF), and the support of a Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship.

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This course received educational grants from essity and Juzo.

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Course Offerings
May 17 - June 25, 2021
Learning Objectives

By the end of this course the student will be able to:

  • Understand the complex issues associated with lymphedema management, such as differential diagnoses, quality of life, and challenges to maintaining stable volumes. 
  • Understand the current status of investigation and treatment, as well as the upcoming steps in surgical interventions and research progress. 

Specific Learning objectives:

  1. Differentiate between types of edema, explain different measurements for lymphedema/chronic edema, and be more familiar with the quality of life considerations associated with chronic edema. 
  2. Appreciate the timeline of lymphedema, the impacts of lymphedema at major stages in life (pediatric, adolescent, adult, geriatric), and have more awareness of the comorbid issues that may impact individuals with lymphedema in different age brackets.  
  3. Approach lymphedema care from a person-centred perspective.
  4. Understand current practice and advanced research, clinical, and surgical interventions in lymphedema management from a Canadian perspective
How is this online course different to an in-person course?

There are no scheduled class times for this 6-week, self-paced course. Learners will work through a series of modules that include presentations by experts in lymphedema care and associated learning activities. Self-directed online learning provides flexibility but also requires organization and time-management on the part of the learner. 

How much time commitment is required?

The full course offers approximately 12 hours of instructional time. Learners should allow 2-3 hours to complete each module however depending on prior experience with lymphedema and comfort levels with online learning, this timing may vary. 

How is the course set-up so I know what is expected? 

The course is offered on the University of Alberta’s eClass learning platform. The course website is organized with module content and learning activities posted by module for easy navigation. Learners will work through the modules in order by reviewing the recorded expert lectures and completing the associated learning activities. Learners are also asked for their feedback through a short survey after each module. To receive a certificate of completion for the course, learners must view all content and complete all associated learning activities in the course.

Learners receive a complete or incomplete final course status, based on satisfactory completion of the course. To successfully complete the course students are required to work through all learning activities and pass all the knowledge check quizzes. Students are given unlimited quiz attempts and can challenge these at any time through the course.
Course Facilitator
Dr. Naomi Dolgoy is a MITACS Accelerate postdoctoral fellow, in a shared position with the Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic at the University of Alberta and the Canadian Lymphedema Framework. In addition, she is a certified and practising occupational therapist (M.OTc), and a certified lymphatic therapist (CLT). She has diverse experience working with individuals with lymphedema across healthcare settings, and is passionate about progressing professional education and clinical practice in lymphedema management. 
Upon successful completion participants will be issued a faculty digital certificate noting the number of educational hours.
How to Apply

To apply please complete and submit the application then proceed to pay the $350 course fee to confirm your registration.

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Course Fee Payment 

*100% of the $350 course fee is refundable if withdrawal is requested before the first day of the course.