Collaborative Orthopaedic Research (CORe)

Foot and Ankle Group Projects

The following are current projects in progress for the Foot and Ankle group:

Current Projects

  • Opiod Prescription and Consumption (2017-Present)
    Elective complex foot and ankle surgery (e.g. ankle and hind-foot fusion or correction of hind-foot deformities) are common orthopedic procedures and persistent postoperative pain (PPP) is common after these. Opioid medications form part of the multimodal regime for postoperative pain management. While opioid usage can vary dependent upon surgical procedure performed, physician prescribing practices and patient factors, opioid usage in North America is on the rise and is a major concern within the health care system. Therefore, this study aims to investigate 1) best practices for managing pain after elective complex foot and ankle surgery; 2) current state of elective complex foot and ankle surgery pain management practices; and 3) current patient pain, analgesic utilization patterns and pain beliefs. This study is funded by a Surgery Strategic Clinical Network Seed Grant.
  • The Development of a Generic Talar Body Prosthesis (2014-Present)
    We are currently investigating the possibility of a generic talar body prosthesis for severe avascular necrosis of the talus with collapse. This could potentially be a low cost alternatively to the severe joint stiffening procedure consisting of tibio-talar-calcaneal fusion which is the current standard for this disorder. We are performing computer modeling, cadaveric implantation and computer simulations as we develop this implant.
  • Ankle Stiffness after Malleolar Fracture: A Study of Incidence and Predictive Factors. (2014 –Present)
    This cohort study is examining what factors are associated with developing ankle stiffness following an ankle fracture. We are also evaluating the current postoperative management of these fractures. This study is funded by Workers Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB-AB).
  • Reported Satisfaction with Access to Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons in Edmonton:  A Before and After Evaluation of a Central Intake Referral Process. (2013- Present)
    This survey study is evaluating primary care physicians’ perceptions of the access their patients have to timely and appropriate care for foot and ankle conditions. The first survey was done prior to implementation of a central intake process for ankle referrals. The second survey will occur six to 12 months after implementation of this new referral process. 
  • 3D Analysis of the Volume and Shape of the Talus (2013-Present)
    This large-population study seeks to characterize the volume and shape of talus bones. The primary purpose of this research is to enhance knowledge about this bone in preparation for developing a talar prosthesis and novel methods to enhance treatment of talus bone injuries.