Collaborative Orthopaedic Research (CORe)

TJA Grants

Grants Awarded in the last five years on which a team member was the primary applicant

CIHR and Tri-Council
Pre-Operative Rehabilitation Exercise Program for Total Knee Arthroplasty (PREP)
Principal Investigators: CA Jones
Funder: Canadian Institute of Health Research Establishment Grant; Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Establishment Grant
Term:  Jul 2007 – Jun 2014

Grants Awarded in the last five years on which a team member was a co-applicant

Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS)
Creating Bone and Joint Health from the Bedside to the Bench and Back Again – “Designer Therapies” to Reduce the Burden of Osteoarthritis (OA) – from Mechanisms to Prevention 
Co-Principal Investigators: CR Frank, W Herzog
Funder: Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Team Grant
Term:  May 2008 –Dec 2014 

Other Grants

Coaching for Older Adults (with OA) for Community Health (COACH)  
Principal Investigator: CA Jones 
Funder: NESH-W Innovation Grant; Covenant Health – Network of Excellence for Senior’s Health and Wellness 
Term:  Jan 2016-Dec 2017

Impact of Body Habitus on Cup Alignment in Total Hip Arthroplasty 
Principal Investigator: E Masson  
Funder: Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Foundation Grant 
Term:  Jun 2015 –Dec 2016

Evaluating Smoking Cessation as a Preoperative Standard of Care for Total Hip or Knee Arthroplasty in a Centralized Intake Clinic Model
Principal Investigator(s): LA Beaupre; B Finegan
Funder: Global Research Award in Nicotine Dependence Grant
Term:  Jan 2014 –Dec 2016

Infection Resolution and Function using the PROSTALAC Hip System  
Principal Investigator: G Lavoie  
Funder: Edmonton Orthopaedic Research Committee Research Grant; DePuy/J&J INC. Unrestricted Research Grant
Term:  Jan 2004 –Dec 2015

Impact of Total Knee Replacement on Bone Mineral Density  
Principal Investigator(s): SR Majumdar, LA Beaupre, M Clark  
Funder: University Hospital Foundation, Alberta Arthroplasty Research Group Research Grant
Term:  Jan 2010 –Dec 2012