Supported Parenting

Supported Parenting: Integrating "Triple P" into Parent Link Centres Alberta, Canada

Supporting parents is arguably the most effective way of supporting children: Parents can be their children's primary source of support and/or their primary source of vulnerability. To improve support for parents and disseminate effective parenting strategies, Alberta Children and Youth Services implemented a pilot of the Positive Parenting Program, known as "Triple P", in selected Parent Link Centres (PLCs) around the province. Triple P International Pty Ltd. was contracted to provide training and accreditation for 60 PLC Staff in Level 2 (provision of parenting advice through seminars and brief consultations with parents) and Level 3 (narrow-focus parent skills training) in 2007-2008. This report details the findings from the evaluation of this pilot.

The focus of this evaluation was on the question of whether, and if so how, the dissemination of the Positive Parenting Program ("Triple P") (levels 2 and 3 ) is strengthening the capacity of Parent Link Centres (PLCs) to support parents and families in Alberta, Canada.

This research was supported by a grant from PolicyWise for Children and Families (formerly the Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research).


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