Institutes and Centres

Alberta Centre on Aging

The Alberta Centre on Aging promotes cutting-edge research, education, and service in aging, through interdisciplinary collaboration and through partnerships with stakeholders.


Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Aging is inherently interdisciplinary. The Centre brings together researchers from various disciplines to address issues of concern. Faculty members and students from several faculties have an interest in aging. At the University of Alberta, these faculties include:

  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics
  • Arts
  • Extension
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Physical Education and Recreation
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Science 

Partnerships with Stakeholders
The Centre is committed to working in partnership with the government, regional health authorities, community groups, gerontological associations, academic institutions, and other organizations. It is only by working together that we can create new approaches and innovative ideas.


Research and Education
The Centre serves as a central focal point for research and education in aging. It plays an important role in linking individuals and groups with similar research and education interests and needs. Interdisciplinary research teams are being established to study complex, aging-related questions. New models of education are being explored. Faculty members, students, and the community at large are encouraged to draw upon the expertise of the Centre