About Us

Who We Are

The Alberta Centre on Aging at the University of Alberta is an interdisciplinary research and networking centre dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of research on aging.

Our Mission

To promote research, education and service in aging through interdisciplinary collaboration through partnerships with stakeholders and through engagement with the community.

Our Goals

The Alberta Centre on Aging is dedicated to enabling scholarship in aging to provide the highest possible standards of research by:

  • Fostering, promoting and monitoring research excellence through facilitation, networking and research mentoring
  • Maintaining connections between aging researchers and professionals across disciplines and organizations
  • Dissemenating knowledge to stakeholders and the community regarding the latest research on aging and aging-related topics.
  • Providing leadership in public education, communication and promotion of research within the lay community
  • Representing the university's research on aging to its internal and external audiences

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The study of aging and it's consequences is inherently interdisciplinary. Many faculty members and students from a variety of disciplines across the campus have an interest in aging.  Each discipline has a unique perspective and makes improtant contributions that enhance our understanding of this important field.  The study of aging, age related disease, and the social impacts of aging occur across many areas of the university.  Our researchers are a diverse collection of individuals: the ACA exists to bring these people together and promote collaborative work to further their aims.