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New Courses and Programs in Aging

Humber College is now accepting applications for the Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Gerontology!

The Gerontology program, offered at Humber College through the School of Social and Community Services – in collaboration with the School of Health Sciences - has a strong focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of practice. Working from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to the study of aging, the certificate encompasses a wide range of topic areas relevant to persons working with or on behalf of older persons.

This program will offer students an inter-professional learning environment for the study of current aging theory and practice. The goal of the program will be to prepare students to work effectively with older adults in a variety of settings.

For Admission and Application instruction, please visit the Humber College Website.


Certificate Programs at the U of A

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta is pleased to announce the offering of Certificate Programs as part of its continued outreach to rehabilitation and other healthcare professions.

These university graduate-level credit courses, specifically designed to build on existing expertise of clinicians in the work place, will include both profession-specific as well as inter-disciplinary content.

Each certificate program requires completion of a minimum of three graduate level courses, totaling 9 credits.

Currently, courses for the Certificate in Pain Management (brochure) and Certificate in Francophone Practice for Speech-Language Pathologists (brochure) are available.

Please visit Continuing Professional Education on the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine website for more information