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Scholarships and Awards in Aging 2006-2007 Recipients

Gyro Club of Edmonton Undergraduate Scholarship in Aging (value $300)

Recipient: Sophie Yeung, Student in Psychology
Supervisor: Roger Dixon

Ms. Yeung is studying the detrimental effects of Type II diabetes on the cognitive functioning of older adults in comparison to special populations with age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate Scholarship in Aging (value $500)

Recipient: Julia Rozanova, PhD studnet in Sociology.
Supervisors: Susan McDaniel and Herb Northcott

Ms. Rozanova is exploring social engagement from the perspectives of older people with differing characteristics and how their experiences of social engagement are influenced by the community culture in 3 small Canadian towns.

W.W. and H.E. Trusdale Award in Gerontology (value $500)

W.W. and H.E. Trusdale Award in Gerontology is an award to support a student attending a conference

Recipient: Julia Rozanova, PhD student in Sociology

Ms. Rozanova attended the Annual conference of the American Sociological Association, and particularly the sessions organized by the Research Committee on the Sociology of Aging, held in Montreal in August. She presented a paper entittled "The master of disguise: Hidden faces of media agism".