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Scholarships and Awards in Aging 2009-2010 Recipients

Gyro Club of Edmonton Undergraduate Scholarship in Aging (value $700)

Recipient: Juliana Mollins
Program: BSc (Kinesiology)

Juliana is interested in the field of orthopaedics and limitations following hip fractures and replacements.

Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate Scholarship in Aging- Master's Level (value $1200)

Recipient: Scott Kendall
Program: MSc (Rehabilitation Science)
Supervisor: Dr. Tammy Hopper

Scott's thesis research is focused on the best practices in rehabilitation for older adults with neurological cognitive-communication disorders.

Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate Scholarship in Aging - PhD Level (value $1200)

Recipient: Rochelle Major
Program: PhD (Educational Psychology)
Supervisor: Dr. William Whelton

Rochelle's dissertation focuses on the importance of parent-child relationships in older adulthood in facilitating a reduction in death anxiety.

W.W. and H.E. Trusdale Award in Gerontology (value $500)

This award provides support to a student presenting their work at a conference.

Recipient: Christine Daum
Program: PhD (Rehabilitation Science)
Supervisor: Dr. Vivien Hollis
Poster Presented: "The oldest-old in research partners: A critical review of participatory research with people aged 80 and over"

Recipient: Satomi Yoshino
Program: PhD (Human Ecology)
Supervisor: Dr. Janet Fast
Paper Presented: "Informal and formal care interface: Ethnic variations in the sources of care of older adults"

Christine and Satomi both attended the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics World Congress in Paris, France in July 2009.